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“Every moment, every day, Michael lived”
Michael Thomas Treinen
May 31, 1988- May 25, 2008

Michael's Story

Michael Treinen was your typical 18 year old boy- well, maybe not so typical. He was a three sport athlete in high school- football, hockey, and lacrosse. He was often found at the gym- working out before or after a practice. Michael had a true passion for fitness, working on his car, and making people laugh. He was a happy kid! Michael brought an energy into a room that touched many people. He was equally at ease relating and conversing with someone 50 years old or a 5 year old. He loved life and all it had to offer.

Michael was diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukemia three weeks before high school graduation on May 11, 2007. (Cancer diagnosis on May 8th) He entered Riley Children's Hospital on May 14th to begin the fight of his life! Michael went through five intensive chemo treatments over a 7 month period- with round two sending him into ICU for three weeks. It was our first miracle- as he walked out of the hospital 6 days later. On December 11th- Michael was offically cancer free! Miracle #2 came our way!

Michael's remissison did not last long- he relapsed on January 25, 2008. Michael's smile did a fade a bit this time - he was looking forward to attending college in the fall but knew it was being delayed again. Michael again became focused on the fight ahead. Michael needed a bone marrow transplant to survive - matches were found immediately but due to insurance delays and the inability to get his cancer under control, Michael never got to transplant. On May 25th @ 6:26 a.m., Michael became one of God's Angels.

During Michael's fight, his first thoughts always went to others- younger patients, nurses, family and friends. During Michael’s chemotherapy treatments, Michael found mental and physical strength by continuing to work out whenever he could.  Michael and his mother, Kelly, began raising money for the Moving Through Treatment Campaign in December 2007. His focus was to purchase exercise equipment for Riley for the teenage patients that could be used in the Physical Therapy room or in the patient’s rooms. Several exercise bikes were purchased and can be seen throughout the 5th Floor at Riley. Bottom line, Michael wanted to make a difference.

Since Michael is unable to pursue his dreams, it is our goal that we will fulfill them in his memory. Michael was edgy- whether it was getting his ears pierced or wearing a fauxhawk- he always said, "Get to know me before you judge me." We are living our lives in Michael's spirit- trying to be edgy and smiling, even on days we do not want to! That is the Michael way!

WHO? Mike T!